Jones|Carter Offers Innovative 3D Scanning

Jones|Carter Offers Innovative 3D Scanning

Innovative 3D Surveying H

Jones|Carter is setting a new standard. We use state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology to perform surveying, in support of our conventional methods, to truly customize our services for each client’s unique needs and requests.

Scanners are able to go where traditional surveying methods are compromised, and they lessen the chance of human error. They can be utilized on vacant or occupied sites, operate in total darkness or compromised illumination, and do not impede worker productivity or result in facility downtime. Laser scanning reduces rework due to the immediate availability of dimensions and spatial geometry. Rapid capture of large datasets for utility and infrastructure projects, as-built verification, construction progress, and overhead clearances can be achieved accurately, efficiently, and economically.

Yielding highly accurate data by recording up to a million data points per second results in 3D modeling with virtually unlimited uses. With a faster turnaround, reduced labor costs, and improved safety, laser scanning provides greater accuracy and a more complete model of existing conditions. Jones|Carter is the on-call, all-inclusive team for your surveying and scanning needs.

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