Scholarship Programs:
Promoting the future of civil engineering through educational opportunities has always been a priority at Jones|Carter. To that end, endowed scholarships are provided for students pursuing undergraduate degrees in civil engineering at various universities.

Summer Internships:
Our Summer Intern Program offers college students an opportunity to experience real-world engineering in a corporate environment. We encourage interns to work to the level of their talent and knowledge by offering challenging projects and hands-on experience. Internships are available at all Jones|Carter locations.

If you are interested in pursuing one of our summer internship programs, please apply online. Click to apply.

Co-op Program:
Jones|Carter works in conjunction with area universities to offer cooperative learning opportunities. Through our co-op program students gain valuable work experience and receive credit hours toward their chosen degree.

If you are interested in a co-op position with Jones|Carter, please apply online. Click to apply.

Annual Survey Camp:
Every spring, Carlos Cotton, our Survey Practice leader and a Texas A&M Adjunct Professor, returns to his alma mater to conduct a hands-on surveying camp for engineering students. The two-week camp affords aspiring engineers the opportunity to learn state-of-the-art survey methods in a real-world setting. Students receive two (2) semester hours of college credit for passing the course.

It is our hope that these opportunities will help students build and enhance their leadership, professional, and analytical skills to ultimately assist them in successful careers.

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