Pecan Lakes Flood Protection System (Earthen Levee, Floodwall and Pump Station)

Client: Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District

Project Cost: $ 10M

Service: Staking/GPS, Electrical Engineering, Planning, Design

Practice: Municipal & District Services, Construction Services, Surveying, Transportation, Hydrology & Hydraulics

Location: Richmond, Texas


We were charged with addressing severe flooding issues in a highly populated and established residential neighborhood. Furthermore, the situation required a unique approach as the rights-of-way were of varying sizes and could not be addressed with a one-size-fits-all solution.


We evaluated multiple system alignments, ranked each alignment based on benefit vs. cost, and presented alternatives to the client to provide flood protection that would have the least impact on the area. Solving the problem, while creating an aesthetic that was cohesive to the high-end neighborhood, was critical. In the end, a multi-prong fix was proposed.

The project’s surrounding area, Pecan Grove, is a much-sought after residential community located in Richmond, Texas. In this close-knit community, owner involvement and buy-in was critical. Our team worked to find creative solutions to the flooding problem with the end goal being to reduce the risk of flooding and the resulting impact of rising flood insurance costs to the community.

Adjacent residential development in some of the affected areas precluded a levee as a singular approach as it would encroach upon private development. Designed to work in tandem, the earthen levee, structural floodwall, and pump station effectively address the needs of the community. Of the 22+ levee systems in Fort Bend County, this is one of the only that can be tested during dry conditions, resulting in zero impact to the amenity lake.

Pecan Lakes Flood Protection System project has received the Silver Award for Excellence from the Texas chapter of the ACEC.

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