Transportation-04Railport Parkway – US 67

Client: Midlothian Development Authority

Project Cost: $ 12M

Service: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Design

Practice: Transportation, Geographic Information Systems, Hydrology & Hydraulics

Location: Midlothian, Texas


Long term traffic mitigation and funding for the project were two significant issues that required a definitive approach on our part to resolve.


We devised a dedicated traffic control plan to address traffic issues during all phases of the project. We planned for phased construction, temporary traffic signals, an in-depth detour plan for minor roadways, and cross over detours for the mainlanes.

We worked with the client to create funding mechanism alternatives, and ultimately TxDOT pass-through toll financing was the successful vehicle that fueled this project. The Railport Parkway is one of only three projects to have been completed under this financial structure in North Texas.

A major roadway project is designed to relieve congestion, facilitate traffic flow, and enhance mobility. The process is arduous and complicated and requires an experienced professional to execute. Our job as engineers is to make the transition from concept to completion go as smoothly as possible. Our project team was tasked with the design of the US 67 overpass at Railport Parkway. The project included reconstruction from a signalized intersection to a grade separation overpass which encompassed three new bridges, two bridge widenings, drainage ditches, culverts, signing, pavement markings, and extensive pavement removal. Additionally, entrance ramps, exit ramps, and frontage roads to service Railport Parkway and Weatherford Road were established.

The project’s success can be measured in on-time delivery and observance of stringent budgetary parameters, while providing a roadway improvement that truly has met the needs of the area it serves.

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