Jones|Carter Surveying – State-of-the-Art Equipment Procured to Streamline Processes

Jones|Carter is excited to announce the procurement of the new Trimble® TSC7 Controller. The TSC7 is designed to streamline processes for surveyors and engineers through quicker and more efficient data processing. This tool enables the J|C team to provide clients with the data necessary to move their projects forward more quickly.

The first of its kind, the TSC7 Controller is a handheld, state-of-the-art data collector and a one-stop-shop for GPS, scanning, internet access, and equipment control. The TSC7 combines the functionality of a computer with the capability of a controller. As data becomes increasingly complex, it is imperative to ensure quick, effective, and secure ways to communicate and transmit information. The Trimble® TSC7 Controller allows J|C Survey teams to send and receive secure data in real time while onsite or in the office. Field and safety reports are readily accessible and our team is able to manage large project files, complex imagery, and 3D data from anywhere.

SPEC SHEET – Trimble TSC7 controller – English US

Our team is excited to be in on the ground floor of this top-of-the-line surveying technology.

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