Houston Public Works Antoine Drive Project

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Your project is only as successful as the people behind it. Our industry experts know that working closely with consultants and specialists is key to delivering a quality project.

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Effective communication builds the foundation for a successful project. We communicate with openness, transparency and follow through on our commitments to develop trusting, lasting relationships.

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  Align decisions around your mission & vision
  Act to engage key stakeholders & diversity
  Adjust the designs, processes, & technology to maximize benefits
  Adopt data, technology, & expertise into risk-led thinking & reinforce maximum transparency
  Adapt the decision-making processes to maximize value

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We built our team with your project’s specific needs in mind, making sure you have the right combination of experience and expertise in your corner.

Kevin Krahn, PE



Rod Pinhero, PE, PMP, CFM, ENV SP


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Proven Experience

Bagby Street Improvement Project

Our team is working alongside the DRA/TIRZ No. 3 to lead the final design effort for the complete reconstruction of Bagby Street from I-45 to Franklin Street. It is a popular corridor for pedestrians with many local attractions including Sam Houston Park, Tranquility Park, the Hobby City and Houston City Hall.  With such a large volume of pedestrians in the area, the Downtown Redevelopment Authority (DRA)/ TIRZ No. 3 developed an improvement project that focuses on the safety of those on foot and behind the wheel.


Cypress Creek Watershed Program Implementation Plan

Cypress Creek (K100-00-00) is the fifth-largest watershed in Harris County with over 250 miles of waterways. During Hurricane Harveythe watershed took on nearly 30 inches of rainfall – causing record-setting flooding along Cypress Creek and many of its tributaries. Our team is partnering with the HCFCD to create a program to mitigate the existing floodprone areas through innovative, holistic, and equitable flood resilience efforts, all while weaving the solutions into the urban fabric of the community. 

Cypress Creek

Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority (MHRA)

Jones|Carter has served as the Program Manager for City of Houston TIRZ 5, otherwise known as Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority (MHRA) since 2015. The J|C Team is responsible for developing capital improvement plans, which includes the creation of a potential projects list comprising long and short-term improvements. The Team was integral in pursuing necessary funding by helping with grant application preparation as well as determining other potential sources of funds for the MHRA. The J|C Team identifies projects, determines scopes, and creates budgets to guide the board of directors as they seek to best utilize public funds.

MHRA Partnership


Engaging the Community for a Unified Vision

Our team is experienced with in-person and digital community involvement to ensure the project is completed with end users in mind.


Utilizing Technology Throughout Your Project Lifecycle





The latest data at your fingertips so it’s easy to monitor current conditions and make decisions.



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