Avoiding the Illusion of Communication

Avoiding the Illusion of Communication

George Bernard Shaw is credited with the quote, “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Too often in our personal and professional lives, miscommunication happens. Miscommunications often lead to frustration. It is easy for individuals to have the illusion that they have communicated and set clear expectations, while the reality is much different.

Almost everyone has heard there are two sides to every story. As someone in a position of leadership, there are times I have a front row seat to miscommunication. All parties involved believe that they have made themselves understood. It is only after hearing both sides of the same story that it becomes obvious that the illusion of communication is all that has taken place.

Jones|Carter Values Communication

Clear communication is deeply rooted in each Jones|Carter Core Value: Quality, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, and Ethical Behavior. Jones|Carter prioritizes effective communication by focusing on establishing clear expectations through consistent communication. By continuing to improve our communication skills, we are able to build and strengthen relationships with both team members and clients.

Jones|Carter team members work to establish consistent and proactive communication with clients to help avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication. By actively listening, asking questions, and clarifying details regarding direction and expectations, our team enhances their relationships.

The importance of communication is deeply ingrained in our team members. We understand that proactive communication is imperative, especially in a schedule-driven industry. We believe in bringing potential problems to the client as soon as they arise along with practical solutions and a plan to keep the project moving forward. The Jones|Carter team works to provide consistent updates to clients. Even if it is just to let you know everything is still on track. Keeping the door to communication open at all times builds trust and in turn, strengthens relationships.

The Impact of Effective Communication

This approach doesn’t just apply to business relationships. If you are consistent with communication, if you make sure expectations are set, and if you check back frequently to make sure everyone is still on the same page – you will be leading the pack when it comes to effective communication.

I will leave you with a personal example: I have a vivid image of the impact a newspaper had on my family. The paper began the day. My dad would walk outside around six in the morning, grab the paper, and go through it for his local and global updates. The paper provided consistent updates, in a consistent format, at the same time each day. Everyone knew if the paper didn’t arrive, even the editor.

The way communication is delivered should be much like that newspaper: consistent. By arriving at the same time each day, laid out in the same way, my dad felt secure in his expectations – it was only when the standard was not met that there was an issue.

The Jones|Carter team strives to follow the same structure regarding communication. By presenting communication in a consistent, clear manner there isn’t room to question status or progress. Consistency, especially with communication, is key.