Three Ways Drones Have Changed the Surveying Industry

Three Ways Drones Have Changed the Surveying Industry

Drones are changing the way the world works, which includes the development of infrastructure and housing through surveying and engineering projects. The Jones|Carter Survey team frequently uses drones for aerial photogrammetry to take shots for boundary surveys, topographic surveys, and as-built survey.

There are numerous ways drones have changed the surveying industry, including:

  1. Time

    Drones can be used to obtain accurate, high-definition aerial images in a fraction of the time that was previously required.

  2. Safety

    In locations that are heavily wooded, have rushing waters, or are difficult to access, drones have the capability of gathering the necessary information without risking bodily harm.

  3. Cost

    Prior to drones, if an aerial survey was needed, the property would need to be flown by either a plane or a helicopter. These methods are expensive and often cost prohibitive. Today, drones are readily accessible at a fraction of the price.

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