On-Campus Interview:
Our on-campus interviews are typically a 20-30 minute meeting with a Jones|Carter representative following a Career Fair.  It is an opportunity for you to learn more about us, and for us to learn about you. You should be prepared to answer questions about your college experience including activities and studies. Please bring a copy of your resume and a recent transcript.

Office Interview:
Our office visits are generally scheduled for a half-day with a mix of representatives from various J|C locations and departments. Our campus recruiter will contact you regarding the position(s) for which we would like to interview you, and work with you to select a date for you to come in. Once we have confirmed an interview date, you will receive communication from us via email confirming all arrangements. Please bring a copy of your resume.

Following your time with us, the managers and department members will meet to determine the results of your interview. Within a few weeks, you will receive communication (via telephone or email) if an offer will be extended to you.

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