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Geographic Information Systems

The GIS practice specializes in manipulating comprehensive and complex data gathered from a wide variety of sources. Our GIS experts deftly capture, manipulate, model, and analyze geographical data to give our clients the power to make on-demand decisions regarding facility and infrastructure management, topographical and aerial mapping, and data warehouse and storage. In addition, our resulting GIS data is more reliable, easier to understand and apply, and is invaluable for our clients’ strategic analysis and planning.

Our GIS services include: Internet and Mobile Device Maps; Storm, Water, and Wastewater Utilities; Hydrology Analysis; Parcel Maintenance; Field Collection; and, Site Selection.

What Is

  • An interactive mapping portal.
  • Content, look and feel, and functionality are customized to your needs.
  • Maps are accessible via desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
  • Content and layers are organized and categorized by theme.
  • Services and layers can be password protected.
  • Data such as legal documents, agreements, PDFs, images, and websites can be georeferenced.
  • Markups and layouts can be saved to a project directory and accessed at a later date or exported to PDF.
  • Areas can be bookmarked and easily located.
  • Locations can be found by address, parcel number, or by entering coordinates.

Hardy Toll Road Widening - Houston, TX

The project will widen the toll road to six lanes, from four lanes. The project scope includes roadway plan and profile design, retaining wall and storm drain design, signing and pavement marking, overhead signs, and storm water pollution prevention plans.

Harmony - Houston, TX

Harmony is a 1,037-acre master planned community containing residential, mixed-use, and commercial development. The adjacent forested nature preserve available to all residents features a wealth of outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Bluejack National - Montgomery, TX - Houston Area

Bluejack is built on 755 acres in Montgomery, Texas just northwest of Houston. The private club, golf course, and residential community nestled in the pines hearkens back to the fishing camps and lodges of old, with all of the newest amenities.

Railport Parkway – US 67 - Midlothian, TX - Dallas/Worth Texas

US 67 needed updates to help relieve congestion, facilitate traffic flow, and enhance mobility in the Midlothian area. Jones|Carter worked alongside the Midlothian Development Authority to design this major roadway, which required reconstruction on the overpass at Railport Parkway due to the increased truck traffic from the nearby Railport Business Park.

Harvest - North Lake and Argyle, TX - Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Within the confines of Harvest are 13 different governmental entities with varying jurisdictional powers. Managing that process along with executing a Hillwood project following their Live Smart Principles, created geopolitical barriers that had to be overcome to create a “win-win” for all involved.

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