American Airlines Headquarters Traffic Study and Signal Design

Client: Pacheco Koch

Services: Traffic Study, Capacity Analysis, Intersection Modeling, Traffic Signal Design

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Completion Date: September 2019

American Airlines is building a new five-building office complex on their 300-acre campus off Trinity Boulevard in Fort Worth. The campus was unveiled in September of  2019. The new headquarters is a fully open concept which includes a replica of a Boeing 737 tail section and a 50-foot ceiling meant to look like a jet turbine.

Prior to construction, Jones|Carter performed a traffic study to evaluate the impacts on the area of the projected 7,000 employees. The team performed a capacity analysis with the projected level of service at the affected analysis intersections for AM and PM peak hours. Simulated trips for the full build out scenario were distributed to the affected analysis intersections based on the results of a Zip Code Analysis, which was performed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments. The traffic study evaluated short-term improvements that could be implemented prior to the headquarters opening and be completed within existing right-of-way while providing increased capacity. Long-term improvements were analyzed at Trinity Boulevard and the SH 360 Northbound and Southbound Frontage Roads to determine if any innovative intersections could significantly improve delays. Models of a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) and Displaced Left-Turn Interchange were developed with the DDI showing the greatest improvement to intersection operations. The appropriate long-term solution will be determined with input from project stakeholders.

Jones|Carter also provided the design drawings for the traffic signal work for the project per City of Fort Worth requirements. New traffic signals were installed at the main access points to the development to improve traffic flow along Elm Street at American Boulevard and Trinity Boulevard. The existing traffic signal at Trinity Boulevard and Post Oak Boulevard was modified to add the fourth leg to the intersection for additional access to the development. The existing traffic signal at Trinity Boulevard at American Boulevard was also modified to accommodate a westbound right turn lane on Trinity Boulevard.  Pedestrian elements were incorporated into all signal designs to improve pedestrian access to the development, including ADA compliant wheelchair ramps and pedestrian signals.

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