Bexar County Public Works Facility


Client: Marmon Mok

Services: Site Development, Surveying, Permitting

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Bexar County Public Works Facility is a 35,000 square foot office building near Concepcion Park along the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River. While utilizing low impact design, energy conservation, and green initiatives, the new facility provides Bexar County Public Works with the space necessary to house all current employees while accommodating for future growth.

Jones|Carter provided site development services for the new office building. The team worked to implement environmental designs and features to ensure the adjacent San Antonio River and Concepcion Creek were not adversely impacted during construction or after building completion. The team designed two rain gardens, or bio-filtration basins, to treat onsite runoff and ensure a high level of water quality. The basins remove suspended solids, pollutants, and pathogens prior to releasing into the adjacent water bodies.

The team designed the storm drain outfall to minimize bank and stream bed erosion by locating the outfall on Concepcion Creek, which was far enough upstream from the San Antonio River to avoid any erosion. This outfall employed the existing concrete riprap and embankment slopes. Very little disturbance was made to the creek and little to no additional concrete was needed for stabilization. A oil/grit separator was placed at the truck washout area to ensure that any oils or debris from vehicle washing is removed before entering the sewer.

Additionally, the Jones|Carter team provided boundary and topographic surveying services for this project. The team coordinated the permitting for the project with the City of San Antonio, CPS Energy, and SAWS.


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