Bridgestone Municipal Utility District

Client: Bridgestone Municipal Utility District

Service: Staking/GPS/Platting, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Residential, Design

Practice: Water, Municipal & District Services, Community Development, Construction Services, Surveying, Hydrology & Hydraulics

Location: Houston, Texas


Historically, MUDs have dealt with cumbersome procedures for conveying detention pond and drainage ditch effluence to Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) for maintenance. Also, Bridgestone MUD was spending a disproportionate amount of funds per year to address sludge handling.


We recognized potential costs savings by identifying alternatives that really worked for the client. By performing a solids handling life-cycle cost analysis we determined it was advantageous for them to build their own solids handling facility as opposed to continuing to use a third party dewatering contractor. Over the life of the facility, this will result in a significant cost savings to the District.

We also worked with HCFCD to develop a turf establishment agreement that streamlined the HCFCD acceptance process for these drainage facilities. This simplified process saved Bridgestone thousands of dollars in consultant fees and construction costs and provided a long term maintenance program for these facilities. For regional detention, we developed a plan to consolidate the required detention requirements of 6 tracts into 1 stormwater detention pond. This prevented the need for 6 separate ponds, allowing each development to maximize the developable acreage on the 6 tracts. For Bridgestone MUD, this also increased the amount of taxable value and tax revenues that would be generated.


Over two decades working with Bridgestone MUD has garnered our team an innate understanding of how to solve some of their most challenging issues. In 1993 at the onset of our long-term relationship, Bridgestone MUD was a mature, resident-board water district encompassing approximately 1,000 acres and approximately 1,500 connections. The majority of the Phase I development occurred in the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, in the late 1990s, Bridgestone Ranch, a new single-family development and an adjacent retail developer, approached Bridgestone about annexation and access to MUD service. Over the ensuing 18 years, Bridgestone MUD grew to approximately 2,300 acres and over 6,000 connections.

JC prepared the service and annexation feasibility studies for over 100 communities and facilitated, designed, and/or reviewed the drawings for commercial and residential development totaling approximately 1,500 acres, representing 5,000 single-family homes, and 500 commercial connections.

JC designed two water plants with a water well, two ground storage tanks, and an elevated storage tank. We converted the water disinfection from chlorine to chloramines to facilitate receipt of surface water. In addition, we designed two subsequent expansions of the wastewater treatment plant tripling the flow. We continue to work with the Board of Directors and consultant team to maintain a great community which has a healthy tax base, stable tax rate, and attractive commercial amenities.


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