Bridgestone Municipal Utility District

Client: Bridgestone Municipal Utility District

Service: Staking/GPS/Platting, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Residential, Design

Practice: Water, Municipal & District Services, Community Development, Construction Services, Surveying, Hydrology & Hydraulics

Location: Houston, Texas

Bridgestone Municipal Utility District has been serving the Spring/Kline area for over four decades. This mature, resident-board water district serves nearly 2,300 acres and over 6,000 residential connections. The growth of Bridgestone MUD began in the late 1990’s when Bridgestone Ranch approached the utility district about annexation and access to their services. Now, in addition to Bridgestone Ranch, Bridgestone MUD services over 15 single-family developments.

Jones|Carter has been working with Bridgestone MUD for over two decades. When our team stepped in, we realized the utility district was over spending on their efforts to address sludge handling. J|C conducted a solids handling life-cycle analysis and determined it was in Bridgestone’s best interest to build their own solid handing facility rather than use a third-party. We also worked with the Harris County Flood Control District to develop a turf establishment agreement. This agreement streamlined the acceptance process for Bridgestone’s drainage facilitates and saved them thousands in consulting fees and construction costs.

Additionally, J|C developed a plan to consolidate the detention requirements of six tracts into 1 storm water detention pond. Our plan prevented the need for six separate ponds and increased the amount of generated tax revenues and values for Bridgestone MUD.

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