City of Rosenberg Corrosion Study – Rosenberg, TX


Client: City of Rosenberg

Services: Corrosion Study, Consumer Taste Tests, Flushing Plan, Pipe-loop Testing

Location: Rosenberg, TX

Completion: May 2018

In 2017, the City of Rosenberg commissioned a study to assess the potential for corrosion in its pipe network before introducing treated surface water from an alternate source. The City was concerned that the 70 miles out of their 200-mile pipe network made up of iron, galvanized steel, and copper pipes, would be susceptible to corrosion due to differences in water quality. To provide for the health and safety as well as the sustainability of the City’s water system, Jones|Carter completed a pipe loop test, a system-wide flushing plan, a nitrification action plan, and conducted consumer taste tests.

Since 35% of the City’s water lines are susceptible to these corrosion issues, Jones|Carter recommended, and ultimately implemented, a phosphate treatment. The phosphate’s chemical composition allows it to adhere to the inside of the pipes creating a new internal surface that isolates the wall of the pipe and secures scale and deposits. The phosphate will serve to extend the life of the existing system as well as prevent corrosion. Additionally, extensive taste tests were held with City residents to make sure that the community would be satisfied with the final composition of chemicals used to treat the water sources.

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