Criswell College

Client: Criswell College for Biblical Studies

Services: Civil Engineering, Surveying, Platting

Location: Dallas, Texas

Expected Completion Date: Fall 2020

Criswell College for Biblical Studies is developing a new student housing facility. This will be the first dormitory for the college, marking an important milestone for future growth. The 0.76-acre site is located northeast of the intersection of Hill Avenue and Junius Street. This area of Dallas, called ‘Old East Dallas’, is one of the oldest areas within the city limits. The 5 story, 58,000 Square Foot building will provide housing units  The surrounding area in Old East Dallas is bustling with new and future developments. Baylor University Medical Center is located just southwest of the project, an Aldi grocery store is located directly northeast, and several future apartment projects are proposed in the surrounding areas.

Jones|Carter is providing civil engineering and surveying services for this development. Due to the age of this area in Dallas, the site presented several challenges. The public water main and wastewater main serving the site required replacement, as the water main was undersized, and the wastewater main was constructed in 1938 and exceeded its usable lifespan. TV-Testing was performed to inspect the condition of the wastewater main, which showed the deteriorating effects of age on concrete wastewater lines. Furthermore, public storm sewer downstream of the site was undersized, and a valley gutter had been paved over and replaced with a makeshift shallow culvert, resulting in ponding adjacent to the existing College. To solve this, Jones|Carter repaved the street intersection to allow surface flow of the adjacent runoff. This eliminated the ponding issue and allowed more street flow capacity in heavy storm events.


Our team worked meticulously with City of Dallas staff and Criswell College to determine the best solution for both stakeholders. Despite the issues that this area of Dallas presented, the project has been successful, with construction having started in August 2019. The project is expected to reach completion in time for the Fall semester of 2020.



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