Fagan Lane-01

Fagan Lane –  Houston, TX

Client: Harris County Public Infrastructure Department

Project Cost: $ 1.3M

Service: Design

Practice: Transportation

Location: Houston, Texas

J|C designed a new location roadway between Cedar Lane and Telge Road in Harris County Precinct 4. The project was an approximately 5,800 foot long, 28-foot wide roadway with open ditch stormwater conveyance within the Willow Creek Floodplain and Floodway.

The project drainage outfall is the State Highway 99 (SH 99) detention pond west of Telge Road and north of SH 99. The ultimate outfall for all stormwater in this region is Willow Creek. The project plans were prepared in accordance with HCPID Manual Guidelines for Engineers having Engineering Contracts with Harris County, Texas for the Design of Roads and Bridges and the Preparation of Plans and Specifications. J|C also provided topographic and right-of-way mapping services along with utility coordination.

J|C performed a Roadway Drainage Impact Study to determine the volume of stormwater detention required for approximately 5,800 feet of 80-foot right-of-way, size of cross-culverts for existing streams, and evaluate the need for potential pass-through culverts for sheet flow and detention equalization. Detention for the roadway was provided in the roadside ditches with right-of-way based on requirements for detention. J|C also provided an impact analysis for the floodway and floodplain to verify no impacts to both the floodway and floodplain from the proposed roadway. J|C submitted a CLOMR to the floodplain administrator and the local FEMA reviewer at the completion of roadway construction.

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