First Colony LID No. 2 Stormwater Pump Station Improvements

Client: First Colony Levee Improvement District No. 2

Services: H&H, Electrical, Water Supply & Treatment

Location: Sugar Land, Texas

Completion: May 2019

The First Colony Levee Improvement District No.2 (LID) protects $200 million in property value within the Commonwealth subdivision in the First Colony area of Sugar Land. During Hurricane Harvey, the LID experienced record-setting rainfall, causing the district to close flood gates, leaving the pump station as the only method of removing stormwater from the levee. Luckily no homes flooded, but the district wanted peace of mind for the next storm.

The LID partnered with Jones|Carter to address their biggest concerns: pump failure, generator failure and pond storage. Our team addressed these issues by implementing dual generators to provide resilience from loss of fuel as well as implementing a generator control scheme calling the device to run if required, not just during power outages. Our team also installed a recirculation line so the pumps can undergo annual testing and implemented an emergency operations strategy so the pump could be used during construction.

Communication was key during design and construction in case the facility needed to be used in a flooding event. Members of the design team attended board meetings to provide updates on the project and explain design decisions.

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