Fort Worth Speed Zone Studies, Various Counties, TxDOT Fort Worth District, Texas

Client: TxDOT Fort Worth District

Services: Data Collection, Speed Zones Studies, Traffic Counts

Location: Various Counties, Texas

Jones|Carter was selected by the TxDOT Fort Worth District to perform speed zone studies on more than 320 miles of roadway in Parker, Hood, Johnson, Tarrant, and Jack Counties. The work was performed as part of Work Authorization #1 under a statewide contract to perform traffic engineering studies and design for TxDOT.

The TxDOT Fort Worth District recognized the need to update speed zones on those roadways as they had not been updated in more than 10 years. The J|C team calculated the 85th percentile speed at over 300 locations and worked to improve safety by performing speed zone studies which helps to ensure the appropriate speed limits on roadways.

J|C staff evaluated the existing condition of the roadways through site visits. Speed zone surveys were conducted and radar counts and trial runs were conducted per TxDOT’s Procedures for Establishing Speed Zones.

The collected information was then used to determine the recommended speed zones and proposed speed limits. The J|C team prepared strip maps and detailed reports of the current conditions along each of the 40 roadways. J|C provided recommended regulatory updates as needed.

The Speed Zone Studies were completed in April of 2018.

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