Still Waters Phase I

Client: Westwood Residential, Inc.

Service: Land Development, Civil Engineering, Residential, Design, Hydrology & Hydraulics, Staking/GPS/Platting

Practice: Site Development, Surveying

Location: Austin, Texas


Ingress and egress issues onto the project site needed to be addressed so that the new development did not promote traffic congestion in the area. There was concern from area residents that increased traffic caused by rezoning would negatively affect the neighborhood, particularly at the rear of the property, an area used as a cut-through to a major thoroughfare. Also, the proposed development’s density exceeded the existing MF-2 zoning and required upzoning to MF-3, a process that required our diligent attention. A final challenge on the site was preservation of six heritage trees.


A series of meetings was held to allow citizens to ask questions and voice issues regarding the threat of increased traffic congestion. After these meetings, the owner elected to eliminate a driveway that connected to the neighborhood street, effectively resolving the potential increase in traffic. To facilitate ingress and egress and ease the impact of increased traffic in the area, JC further worked with the city’s transportation department to design a restriping plan adding a right-turn lane onto the project from Slaughter Road. To resolve the zoning issues, we processed an application through the City of Austin, met with neighborhood opposition, and attended Zoning and Platting Commission and City Council public hearings to help secure the necessary zoning, to the satisfaction of all.

JC was integrally involved in creating the development layout with the design team to preserve six heritage trees on the site. We worked with the project architect and owner to modify the site layout to allow saving the trees, thus avoiding the arduous and time-consuming process of obtaining approval to remove or relocate the trees.

Two three-story apartment buildings comprise the first phase of the Still Waters project on Slaughter Lane. Phase I will consist of the development of 12.38 acres of greenfield into a multi-family development consisting of 256 one- and two-bedroom apartment units with surface parking. The project required upzoning of the tract from MF-2 to MF-3 to allow the mix of units proposed by the owner. JC successfully stewarded the zoning case from application through approval by city council.

Project scope included coordination of compatibility requirements and commercial design standards conformance, easement releases, obtaining license agreement, and TDLR accessibility review. Coordination with various utilities including Austin Energy, Capital Metro, and the Austin Utility Location and Coordination Committee was also required.

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