Greenwater Redevelopment

Client: Blocks 1 and 23: TC Austin Development; Block 188: The Kor Group

Project Cost: $400 Million

Service: Site Design, Roadway Design, Utility Design, Surveying

Practice: Site Development, Surveying

Location: Austin, Texas


Redeveloping a former industrial site, located in a dense urban area of downtown Austin, presented many complexities that called for innovative resolutions. Block 23 had environmental issues including diesel-contaminated soil which required removal and remediation. Maintaining heritage trees on Block 1 was paramount both from an aesthetics standpoint, as well as to comply with a new tree ordinance. The redevelopment initiative, coupled with the street extensions that were added to improve ingress and egress to the new site area, caused additional water runoff that also had to be addressed. Current utilities required a proactive engineering approach to allow future integration with a planned underground parking structure.


JC worked with the excavation firm throughout the soil remediation process to ensure that state and federal guidelines were observed at all times and the site was 100% remediated allowing construction to begin. We worked diligently to adhere to the newly adopted Heritage Tree Ordinance which mandated preservation and protection of four heritage-sized live oaks on the Block 1 site. Ultimately, we recommended altering and reducing the building size to allow the trees to remain in place. The treatment facility to accommodate the increased runoff from the four affected blocks was positioned underground. Utilities were designed to facilitate integration with future utilities to support the planned underground parking structure at Blocks 23 and 188.

Built in 1925, the Green Water Treatment Plant was Austin’s first water treatment plant. The plant was decommissioned in 2008 and subsequently demolished in 2010 creating a nearly¬†200,000 SF plot for redevelopment in prime downtown Austin. The overall plans for the aptly renamed Greenwater Redevelopment project include up to 1.7M SF of mixed-use projects undertaken by several owner/development teams. The city of Austin looks toward the new development, which will add residential, commercial office, hospitality, retail, and green space, as an opportunity to transform the site and complete its vision and master plan for the area. The three projects represent the largest building initiative in Austin to take place in over a decade, representing in excess of 1.58M SF.

BLOCK 1. The eagerly anticipated residential high rise represents the first phase of the redevelopment effort. The three-tiered mixed-use tower contains 38 stories comprising 626,500 SF featuring 440 apartments, of which 38 will be designated for affordable housing. Office and retail space will account for 40,000 SF of the project. BLOCK 23. Represents the commercial office building portion of the Greenwater Redevelopment. The 30-story office tower with 450,000 total SF will have four levels of underground parking to be shared jointly with Block 188, and 12 levels of above-ground parking. A restaurant, retail area, 16 floors of office space and related amenities comprise the tower. BLOCK 188. The 34-story, 505,000 SF boutique hotel and condo will feature restaurant, high-end retail, ballrooms, meeting rooms, convention facilities, 240 hotel rooms, and 100 condos. The four levels of underground parking will be provided for the condominium residents. An outdoor seating area overlooking Shoal Creek and Lady Bird Lake will allow guests and residents to enjoy the beauty of the city and all that it has to offer.

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