Guadalupe Saldana

Client: Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation

Service: Civil Engineering, Planning

Practice: Site Development

Location: Austin, Texas


Develop a viable community, the first in Texas, completely made up of affordable housing that also features sustainability at its core.


As one of the primary goals of this development is to create a first-of-its-kind healthy living environment for low income households, construction materials, appliances, landscaping, and other elements of the built environment were selected to accomplish this. To meet an additional goal of achieving net-zero energy, solar energy in being provided.

Guadalupe-Saldana Net-Zero Subdivision is the first 100% affordable housing, net-zero energy community in the State of Texas with numerous low impact development sustainable elements featured. The infill project is being developed by the Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation. The project, when complete, will be comprised of 90 homes, including single-family, two-family, and townhomes with units ranging from 650 SF (one bedroom, one bath) to 2000 SF (five bedroom, 2.5 bath). Every unit will be affordable at 80% or below MFI for homeowners, and at 60% or below MFI for renters.


Each homeowner and tenant will enjoy savings associated with a net-zero energy bill which should significantly improve their financial standing. Other sustainable features have been incorporated as well, including low impact development design and innovative stormwater management techniques such as a biofiltration pond and rain gardens. By adding sustainable features to the Guadalupe-Saldana Subdivision, GNDC hopes to improve the health and well-being of residents, enhance the livability of the homes, lower home operating costs, and improve resource efficiency while contributing to a sustainable future.

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