Hardy Toll Road-01Hardy Toll Road Widening

Client: Harris County Toll Road Authority

Project Cost: $ 32M

Service: Design

Practice: Transportation, Geographic Information Systems

Location: Houston, Texas


Among the challenges to get this massive project off the ground, was meticulous coordination with multiple consultants and the project management team. From a design perspective, the existing retaining walls required removal and shoring before the new abutment could be placed.


Establishing and maintaining cohesive working relationships with the other consultants’ project managers is vital to maintaining continuity with the project goals and each consultant’s areas of responsibility. This ongoing communication also ensured drawings were kept up to date. The change in the type of retaining wall affected the approach to the widening of the bridges, therefore design plans call for the existing retaining wall to be removed in order to place the new abutment.

The project will widen the toll road to six lanes, from four lanes. The project scope includes roadway plan and profile design, retaining wall and storm drain design, signing and pavement marking, overhead signs, and storm water pollution prevention plans. We produced cross-sections for the project. The project is currently under construction.

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