HSIP Safety Improvements, TxDOT Bryan District

Client: TxDOT

Services: Transportation, Survey

Location: 8 Counties

Completion: Design by mid-2021

The TxDOT Bryan District is responsible for planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining the state’s transportation system in 10 counties in southeast Texas. From Freestone County to Washington County, the district has more than 16,000 projects planned form the next 10+ years.

As part of the plan, our team was issued a work authorization by the TxDOT Bryan District to perform safety improvements at 33 intersections in eight counties within the district. The improvements include adding right and left-turn lanes, safety lighting, flashing beacons and new traffic signals. The Survey team performed topographic surveys at multiple intersections, which were used by the Transportation team to design turn lanes.

The work will be completed in six packages with overlapping submittal dates with the design portion expected to be completed by the middle of 2021. In addition to our work in the Bryan District, our team is also working on several TxDOT projects in the Amarillo District.

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