Lick Creek


Client: City of College Station

Services: P&ID Development, Power Distribution Design, Power Utility Coordination

Location: College Station, TX

Completion Date: November 2018

Cost: $1.1M

Lick Creek WWTP Generator Addition

Jones|Carter worked with the City of College Station to evaluate generator options for the Lick Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The J|C team developed a solution to size the generator for current usage and to ease the process of installing future parallel generators.

Genset addition and improvements

The project required the J|C team to make modifications to an existing 3000A dual-feed electrical service and to install two 3000A automatic transfer switches and one 3000A rated paralleling gear.

Complete SCADA Integration

J|C designed a 600kW generator system, which provides power to the plant and process facilities. Additionally, J|C ensured that control and monitoring data for the emergency backup paralleling system was integrated into the plant’s existing Allen-Bradley SCADA system.

Proactive Approach

The J|C team reconfigured an existing 12’ x 10’ x 8’ electrical manhole and duct bank to reconnect the automatic transfer switch load side service to an existing dual-fed switchgear. The project was sequenced to allow for safe installation by phasing to allow work to be done in the manhole while the circuit was not hot. The improvements also provided the capacity to install additional future paralleled gensets without power transition or lapses in service.

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