MUD 3 Wastewater Treatment Plant

Client: Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 3

Project Cost: $ 7.8M

Service: Civil Engineering, Design, Electrical Engineering, Staking/GPS/Platting

Practice: Construction Services, Surveying, Water

Location: Montgomery, Texas


Continuous operation of the existing wastewater treatment plant had to be maintained while the replacement plant was under construction. Further, the layout of the proposed treatment facilities was particularly challenging as the existing facilities are located in the center of the site, and the floodplain and flood way occupy more than a third of the remaining usable site. Access to existing support facilities also had to be maintained.


This project includes a new wastewater treatment plant utilizing the anaerobic/anoxic/oxic (A2O) treatment process for biological nutrient removal (BNR). An orthophosphate analyzer and alum feed system were constructed to serve as a backup to the BNR and to assist the BNR process in the event of hot weather or spikes in influent phosphorus loading above design.

The project scope includes rehabilitation of the existing influent lift station piping and controls. The new wastewater plant also includes new electrical service, a 600-kw diesel generator and 2,000-gallon fuel tank, and a new control building. The existing outfall pipe and structure were incorporated into the design. The facility was placed into service in mid-2014.

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