Railport Business Park

Client: Midlothian Development Authority

Project Cost: $80 Million

Service: Land Development, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Staking/GPS/Platting, Hydrology & Hydraulics, Transportation, Design

Practice: Transportation, Construction Services, Municipal & District Services, Hydrology & Hydraulics, Site Development, Planning, Surveying

Location: Midlothian, Texas


For more than 20 years, Jones|Carter has worked alongside the Midlothian Development Authority to develop RailPort Business Park. RailPort is a 1,700-acre development located in Midlothian with amenities suited to large-scale distribution and manufacturing operations. Railport Parkway is home to a range of companies Target, QuikTrip, and the Google Data Center.

Due to the varying criteria for use, acreage, and dimensional requirements, J|C worked closely with property owners and the Midlothian Development Authority to create a dynamic master plan. The master plan allowed for the maximum and best use of the land while providing a wealth of amenities to prospective tenants.

Since the inception of the park, J|C’s involvement and focus have been on assisting potential users as they explore the viability of the unique site for their own, specific needs. RailPort is zoned for heavy industrial, light commercial, and foreign trade. While the development plan is specific, the fluidity built into the plan has created a place that widens the pool of industries that are able to consider establishing a facility on the grounds.

The business park features dual rail service provided by Union Pacific and BNSF, and availability of high pressure 24″ natural gas transmission pipelines, water distribution system, industrial sanitary sewer system, lighted roads to accommodate tractor-trailer traffic, and a redundant loop-fed electrical system.

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