Robson Ranch Master Drainage Study


Client: Robson Resort Communities

Services: H&H Analysis, H&H Modeling

Location: Denton, Texas

Completion Date: Spring 2019

Jones|Carter is working alongside Robson Resort Communities to create hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) models of approximately 10 square miles in Denton County that drain portions internal and external to the Robson Ranch development. Robson Ranch is located south of Denton off I-35W and is currently home to more than 3,000 homeowners. The City of Denton requires a master drainage study for the remaining sections of Robson Ranch that are to be developed.

The J|C team will be creating H&H models for a master drainage study to determine the necessary stormwater detention and drainage improvements needed to protect downstream properties and channels from increased flooding and erosion. Twenty percent of the acreage covered by the model will encompass portions of Robson Ranch, where future development is slated to occur. The remaining eighty percent will analyze the surrounding areas adjacent to the development. The hydraulic model will encompass more than six miles of onsite streams, 16 future detention ponds, and nine future stream crossings.

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