Springwoods Village and CityPlace

Client: Coventry Development

Service: Construction Management, Design

Practice: Construction Services, Transportation, Water, Geographic Information Systems

Location: Spring, Texas


The project has been extremely fast paced with multiple non-related projects being worked on simultaneously. Many projects currently in the design phase have the potential to impact projects currently under construction which necessitates in-depth oversight to manage. Location is also a critical factor as the ExxonMobil campus is very close and allowances for traffic interruptions and flow are a high priority.


We continue to work very closely with the onsite crews to stage construction for minimal traffic disruption and to maintain a very orderly and clean site. Ongoing communication with all stakeholders addresses the day-to-day operations, keeps everyone on the same page, and allows work momentum to continue without affecting others.

Springwoods Village is the cornerstone of an exciting community springing up north of Houston, Texas. With sustainability and a greener way of life at its core, the residential, retail, and commercial projects that comprise Springwoods Village strive to preserve and showcase the natural ecosystems, promote walkability, and provide a wealth of amenities at arm’s reach. Each village within the community will be linked by pedestrian-friendly trails winding through lush landscape.

When complete, the development will boast single and multi-family residences, commercial office buildings, retail space, a hospital, gas station, fire station, hotel, dining, and other facilities, as well as a destination city center with recreational venues. The nine million SF of commercial space will allow residents to work and play where they live.

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