FS 70 and EMS 513 Panorama-1

Springwoods Village Fire Station No. 70 & Cypress Creek EMS 513

Client: CDC Houston, Inc.

Project Cost: Not Disclosed

Service: Land Development, Civil Engineering, Transportation, Design

Practice: Site Development, Surveying

Location: Spring, Texas


Designing a site for a fire station and EMS facility seeking LEED Gold and/or Low Impact Development components while minimizing impact to the overall site, which included substantial grade drops throughout was the overarching challenge for this project.


The very nature and function of a fire station does not lend itself easily to complying with sustainable initiatives. A fire station requires a tremendous amount of space simply to allow access to the apparatus and ambulance bays. When combining a fire station with an EMS facility, greater accessibility is called for, while utilizing the maximum footprint allowed. Grade deviations from the road to the rear of the site significantly affected access to the apparatus bays at the rear of the facility. To address this, we created a finished floor without excessive slope down to the station. Aggressive grading and short retaining walls resolved any issues behind the facility regarding the slope. We put together a proactive plan to save as many of the trees on site as possible, while creating bioswales with a rain garden detention facility at the rear.

The joint fire and EMS station in Springwoods Village, an 1,800-acre mixed use community in north Harris County, and home to the new ExxonMobil corporate campus, will provide fire and medical emergency services to the area. Designed to LEED Gold standards, Fire Station No. 70 and Cypress Creek EMS 513 occupy nearly 25,000 SF. The facilities feature five apparatus bays, living quarters, training/conference room, work rooms, decontamination room, and two double-deep ambulance bays.

Springwoods Village, another project that JC has provided multiple engineering services for, will serve a population of up to 50,000 employees and residents, while providing diverse housing options and amenities, such as shopping, dining, schools, civic facilities and outdoor recreation.

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