Springwoods Village

Client: CDC Houston, INC.

Location: Spring, Texas

Length of Involvement: 5 Years

Jones|Carter has served as Construction Manager for Springwoods Village since 2014. Springwoods Village is a 2,000-acre master planned community located within the Harris County Improvement District 18, just south of The Woodlands and 20 miles north of downtown Houston. The J|C team has had staff located onsite since 2013.

Since that time, our Team has overseen more than $50 million in construction, spread out over 100 individual projects. Our Team provides a wide array of services, including construction management for all public facilities including, utilities, roadways, park trails, and water and wastewater facilities. Often, we work with developers acting as the owner’s representative when new private facilities connect to the public utilities.

The J|C team also works closely with consultants on each of the program’s individual projects as well as the District’s General Manager, Operator, and Engineer.

The development is made up of offices, commercial properties, a hospital, recreational centers, and schools as well as single family homes, apartments, and townhomes. Springwoods Village has more than nine million square feet of dedicated commercial space and is home to Hewlett Packard, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Exxon Mobil, and Southwestern Energy. Additional single-family homes are planned for 2019.

The J|C team is currently the longest-tenured consultant at Springwoods. Our Team works hard to make sure the details are covered, which results in a quality project, completed on schedule and under budget.

Relevant Projects

  • CityPlace Roadways

  • CityPlace Landscape improvements

  • Springwoods Village Nature Preserve Trails

  • WWTP Expansion of the existing. Package to permanent $8M

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