The 2015 Memorial Day Flood Analysis

Client: City of Sugar Land

Services: H&H Modeling, Flood Analysis

Location: Sugar Land, TX

Completion Date: 2015

On Memorial Day 2015, the City of Sugar Land experienced record rainfall resulting in reports of structural, near structural, and street flooding throughout the City. As part of their 2016-2020 Capital Improvements Program, the City prioritized an analysis of the Memorial Day Flood Event.

Jones|Carter was selected to analyze the event and its impacts, and compare to the 25-year and 100-year design storms. The team investigated through field visits, storm event analysis, and hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to identify underlying problems in City infrastructure and propose possible improvement projects.

Jones|Carter analyzed problem areas and built 1D/2D InfoWorks ICM models for 18 storm drainage systems in the area where flooding was reported. Most of the systems were in Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2. Additionally, the team identified problem areas where the existing systems do not appear to be operating up to the City’s drainage standards. Of these, the primary areas of concern were the arterial and major collectors that provide emergency access during flood events. Secondary areas of concern were neighborhoods where the peak flood level did not appear to be in compliance with the allowable levels set by the City’s drainage criteria and the localized drainage issues were affecting nearby residents.

The results of the analysis were delivered to the City for subsequent action with the purpose of mitigating the negative impacts of future storm events.

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