Traffic Signal Designs, Various Counties, TxDOT Amarillo District, Texas

Client: TxDOT Amarillo District

Services: Traffic Signal Design, ADA Services

Estimated Design Completion Date: October 2019

Location: Various Counties

Jones|Carter is performing traffic signal design services in eight counties for the TxDOT Amarillo District. The work is part of Work Authorization #5 under a statewide contract to perform Traffic Engineering Studies and Design for TxDOT.

Thirty-two existing intersections have outdated traffic signal detection equipment, which leads to longer wait times for motorists. Several of the intersections have no pedestrian provisions, including crosswalks, ADA ramps, and pavement markings. The designs are set to be completed in three groups. The first group included 10 intersections and was completed in March 2018.

The J|C team is currently designing new traffic signal installations and traffic signal modifications, which will enhance vehicle detection. Additionally, cellular communication and battery back-ups will be added as well as upgrades for controller cabinets. J|C will perform traffic signal design services, which will include developing existing condition layouts and traffic signal design sheets according to TxDOT standards and specifications.

The Traffic Signal Designs are currently in progress with estimated completion in October 2019. We will continue to update this information as the project moves forward. Check back with us to watch it unfold.

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