Utility Districts

Client: Various Districts

Location: Statewide

Length of Involvement 40 Years

Jones|Carter serves as Program Manager for more than 100 Utility and Special Districts throughout Texas. Our Team partners with each District’s Board of Directors to plan, maintain, and operate long-term infrastructure to improve the quality of life and provide modern amenities to communities within our districts.

The J|C Team serves in an advisory role, providing engineering expertise for Districts as the communities they serve continue to grow and add infrastructure. Our Team focuses on serving our Districts as a reliable partner who they can turn to for capital improvement planning, asset management, and to review maintenance planning. Funding is a critical component for all districts and J|C is well versed with assisting with grants, bond applications, rate analysis, public-private partnerships, and impact fees.

Our Team is also responsible for managing subconsultants in this role. Often, we oversee completion of infrastructure packages for a variety of water, sewer, roadway, and drainage projects.

Our team’s experience allows them to bring a holistic approach when partnering with our Districts. We recognize the complete system, answer questions, propose solutions, and look forward to future maintenance and operations to help guarantee long-term, sustainable infrastructure.

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