Verizon Towers

Service: Staking/GPS/Platting

Practice: Surveying

Location: Various Locations, Texas


On many sites we work on, our surveyors must deal with a myriad of issues including site topography, size of tracts, lack of documentation, drainage issues, lack of utilities, tight turnaround requirements, accessibility, and rights-of-way. It is imperative to configure the site so as not to impede or impact future development. Tower configuration must also have ongoing accessibility. Existing structures onsite such as residences, towers, airports, and other commercial enterprises must be accommodated and access during weather-related events is a key consideration.


To assist us with proper site configuration and to establish continued access to the site, we utilize our own Jones|Carter engineers who are at the ready, able to lend expert guidance to our surveying staff.

Our knowledgeable surveyors work closely with the owner to optimize the use of the land and prevent encumbrances on any portions of the leasehold that might hinder use of the remaining tract. Oftentimes, the tracts are so small, that it is difficult to fit the equipment into the area, much less establish proper, ongoing access. We solve these issues by being aware of the problem and coming to the table prepared. When producing surveys for existing towers that have incomplete or missing data, our team works seamlessly to speed the permitting process and fill in the gaps.

Towers in coastal regions bring a new challenge with flooding due to hurricane wave action, distance from the dune lines, and special needs for emergency access during bad weather situations. Our experienced surveying teams are adept at walking each site, noting opportunities and challenges, proactively discerning potential impact of future flooding events, and determining optimum access routes.

Jones|Carter has helped to establish the cell phone tower network throughout Texas. We have provided a wide-range of services for over 1,300 Verizon tower sites, and over 60 sites each for T-mobile, AT&T, and Sprint along with independent tower companies, making us one of the most knowledgeable and oft-requested surveyors in the state of Texas.

Whether it be monopole (single pole), self-support tower (Tri-pod style), rooftop configuration, in-building communication systems, temporary tower, or guyed anchored systems, we have done it. In addition to the physical locations, we have developed surveys for tower lease or purchase areas, access easements, utility easements, platting, FAA documents for permitting, and issues related to floodplains. We are the one surveying company that remains the go-to for the fastest growing cell phone network in Texas, Verizon.


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