UPDATE: Floodplain Regulations Revisions Passed


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UPDATE: 04/04/18

Chapter 19 Floodplain revisions proposed by the City of Houston have been passed and will go in the effect as of September 1st, 2018. We will be sharing more details about the revisions and the amendments

UPDATE: 03/28/18

The Floodplain revisions have been postponed again until Wednesday, April 4th. We will be posting the results of the vote when it takes place.

UPDATE: 03/22/18

Houston City Council has deferred its highly anticipated vote on revisions to the Chapter 19 Floodplain Ordinance until Wednesday, March 28th.  During the March 21st City Council meeting, Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the postponement of the anticipated vote. Included above is a video of yesterday’s City Council Meeting.  The Mayor’s update regarding the floodplain regulation revisions begins at 9:07 in the video.

The ordinance proposed at yesterday’s meeting requires new structures to be built with a ground floor level at least 2 feet above the 500-year floodplain elevation. The current floodplain ordinance requires the ground floor level of new structures to be built at least 1 foot above the 100-year floodplain elevation.

Jones|Carter will be hosting a workshop, led by our drainage experts, to discuss the impact of the new Harris County and City of Houston floodplain regulations on both existing and future development projects. This event will include breakout sessions for specific development project types. If you are interested in signing up to receive information on this event or want to read more about these regulations, please see our previous blog post.


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